Elevate Residential

photo of the founders of elevate residential

Elevate Residential

Elevate Residential is a profit-for-purpose real estate agency, providing values-driven property management and sales services to Brisbane property owners and tenants. Our main difference to traditional real estate agencies is that we pass on 100% of our profits from commissions to our charitable partner, BHC to support them in their mission to provide affordable housing options for those in dire housing need. All profits are funneled into BHC’s Impact Fund which is a minimum of $150,000 each year to support BHC residents.

Elevate passes on 100% of their profits to charitable partner, BHC. This financial year the contribution has been $150,000 and as Elevate’s profits grow, this number will increase as well. The $150,000 is utilised in BHC’s Impact Fund which funds programs and services to support their residents to live their lives with dignity and hope.

We would like consumers to seek to work with more socially aware and responsible businesses. We certainly are seeing real estate clients coming to us wanting to work with an ethical agency. We offer Brisbane property owners an option that is not currently available in the market – ethical real estate services that give back directly to the community.

Elevate Residential provides exceptional property management and sales services to property owners and investors in the Brisbane residential market. Our experienced, fully licensed agents are firmly focused on getting the very best market outcomes for our property owners, every time.

Elevate is a “profit for purpose” real estate business. This means we pass 100% of profits onto our partner, Brisbane Housing Company (BHC). BHC is a charity that exists to provide affordable housing for people in need across Brisbane, supporting them to achieve their potential in life.

Just by choosing Elevate Residential, our clients get a double win that they can’t get anywhere else in the market. They get great property results, with a high-performing team of real estate professionals working hard for them, and the knowledge that the commissions they pay are directly helping vulnerable households across Brisbane. To find out more about BHC and its residents’ stories, visit www.bhcl.com.au/our-stories.