The FreddyMatch platform uses a recommender algorithm to match people with volunteering opportunities based on their skills, interests, location and availability. We make volunteering easy. If you are a volunteer, our unique algorithm is designed to find your perfect volunteering opportunity. And if you are an organisation, remember 90% of FreddyMatch subscribers find volunteers!

We are a small team dedicated to our mission to increase volunteering participation rates in Australia. A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers, FreddyMatch wouldn’t be here without you. 

FreddyMatch is part of the Freddy Bear Foundation, set up in loving memory of Roxane and Gary’s son Frederick Donaldson Imrie Bowman who passed away aged 16 days on June 8th 2017. After Freddy passed away Roxane wanted to do some volunteering that used her specific skills but found that there were no easy ways of finding opportunities. FreddyMatch was created to solve that problem. FreddyMatch helps match organisations and volunteers based on their unique interests, skill sets, location and availability using the “FreddyMatch” algorithm.

FreddyMatch helps people overcome some of the issues which prevent them from volunteering. Only 14% of volunteering opportunities are currently filled in Australia and we want to help more people to volunteer. We particularly want to increase volunteering amongst young people, skilled workers, those with disabilities, and those in rural/remote communities.

We want to make volunteering easier. We want volunteers to spend their time helping, not searching for the right opportunity. If you have two hours free on a Friday afternoon and want to help out in your community, FreddyMatch will help you find the organisation that needs your help.

We also want the best for our partner organisations. FreddyMatch reduces the time and cost it takes them to find and manage volunteers. Organisations have access to: tracking and insights for opportunity management and promotion, support for managing and screening applications and volunteer management including timesheets and security clearance. FreddyMatch will always be completely free of charge for the smallest charities.