Impact Community Services

IMPACT Community Services operates two social enterprises: the Material Recovery Facility on University Drive and the New Image Laundry.

NEW IMAGE Laundry is:

  • Bundaberg’s only industrial laundry
  • a state-of-the-art facility with competitive prices
  • whose profits feed directly back into the community

NEW IMAGE Laundry is one of the few successfully-operating social enterprises in town supporting people with disabilities, and one of the few successful businesses in town whose profits go back into the local Bundaberg Community.

New Image Laundry serves the accommodation, hospitality, medical and allied health industries, specialises in uniform laundry and also offers a high-quality full linen hire service.

The Material Recovery Facility

The Material Recovery Facility is a recycling centre owned by Bundaberg Regional Council, but managed by IMPACT Community Services. All of the waste from council’s yellow-top bins is sorted at the facility on University Drive. IMPACT employs about 27 workers with disabilities under the Australian Government’s Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) for the task.

Each week the facility processes about 40 council truck-loads of recycling. This equals about 600 tonnes of recyclable waste. The content is hand-sorted, baled and sold to be made into new products.

There is also a refund point which lets people get a 10c refund for each eligible container returned as part of the Containers for Change scheme.

The Facility not only provides a valuable recycling service to the Bundaberg community but provides a supported work environment where our staff help individual workers identify areas to grow their skills and undertake any training they may need to improve their lives.