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Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators makes mindful toys and gifts with kindness in mind. Little Change Creators are on a mission to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

We make thoughtfully-designed kid’s playthings with an emphasis on mindfulness, convenience and repeat-play value.

The Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets may be the perfect answer to guilt-free grown-up time and rainy day rescues, but there’s more Little Change Creators’ products than meets the eye.  Little Change Creators are on a mission to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

1. We empower parents with screen-free and reusable alternatives that they can use anytime, anywhere. 

2. We inspire our kids by helping to lay the foundations for creative thinking and compassionate action. 

3. We respect Mother Nature and aim to take less and give more by reducing our impact on the planet. 

4. We create social impact through pay-it-forward initiatives and in-kind donations.  

I’d love to see more conscious consumerism whereby shoppers consider brands’ social and environmental impacts and reassess the need for and lifespan of the products they buy. I’d also love to see greater support for social enterprises and small businesses that give back to the community.

Little Change Creators’ reusable colouring sets are distributed in Welcome Packs sent to Young Carers upon registering for support with Little Dreamers, Australia’s leading Young Carer organisation. Through this partnership, we bring creativity and escapism into the lives of Young Carers and generate greater awareness for families and households in need of support.

Together, we can make a difference and give ALL kids a life full of meaning. Create outside the box!