People with Purpose

People with Purpose equip businesses to improve the world by helping them develop purposeful leadership capabilities and purpose-led strategies that enable them to make profit in purposeful ways. Rather than helping companies make a profit and then work out how to right wrongs and make a positive impact afterwards, they help companies reimagine their business models to make their profit by making a positive impact. They call this making profit purposefully and help organisations get clear about why they exist and build a strategy to align their leaders and teams to bring that purpose to life.

We have directly equipped more than 3,500 leaders and more than 100 organisations to lead and operate purpose-led businesses.  Our primary focus is UN SDG#17 but through our clients we have helped to address all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We would love to see purpose-led strategies become as ubiquitous as profit and loss statements as part of companies toolkits within our lifetime.  This would mean making profit purposefully would become business as usual and the purpose of business would be to create social and environmental value rather than degrade or destroy it in the pursuit of profit.  It’s a design decision that sits at the leadership table and needs to cascade throughout the entire organisation and include all of its stakeholders.  

About People with Purpose

People With Purpose is a strategy consulting and leadership development company with global expertise in purpose-led organisations and business impact improvement and design.

Our purpose is to equip business to improve the world.

We believe in making profit purposefully and specialise in helping organisations intentionally create economic value (profit) in ways that also create value for society (people) and the environment (planet). Our vision is for this to become the dominant mindset and practice of leaders all around the world within our lifetime.

Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to equip 1 million businesses to improve the world by 2040. By then, we’d love to see purpose-led business strategies become as ubiquitous as profit and loss statements!

Some of the ways we equip businesses and their leaders include:
* enterprise purpose design
* enterprise purpose-led strategy design
* purpose-led strategy implementation advice and resources
* purposeful leadership development (workshops and coaching)
* personal purpose design
* purposeful career planning
* training and events related to purpose-led business, purposeful leadership, and B Corp Certification and recertification.

People With Purpose is a Certified B Corporation, an active contributor to the B Corp Climate Collective ANZ, and has a team of trained B Consultants to assist other organisations that wish to become certified B Corps.

People With Purpose also partners with QUT’s Centre For Future Enterprise to be a conduit between academia and industry to advance the research and adoption of purpose-led business models.