Who is QSEC?

We are the Queensland Social Enterprise Council Ltd (QSEC) and we exist to support a vibrant, innovative and capable social enterprise sector in Queensland that is sufficiently resourced to achieve high social, cultural and environmental impact.

Why QSEC Stories?

We are proud advocates of our members and we believe that their stories are the best way people can learn and understand about the amazing work they do. As we lead into the Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane this September, we have created a bank of stories to show the world just what Queensland Social Enterprise have to offer! By doing so, we hope to uplift the sector and expose social enterprise in Queensland to new opportunities. 

So you want to change the world? What if you can?

You can start your journey to positive change right here. There is a social enterprise for everyone, we invite you to #discoversocialenterprise, watch their stories and find a business to connect or engage with.

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