Substation 33

Substation33 is a YFS social enterprise based in the Logan suburb of Kingston. Substation33 opened its doors in January 2013 as an electronic waste recycling centre, providing a workplace where volunteers and employees gain confidence and skills for the transition to sustainable employment. Its purpose is to provide training and employment opportunities through the recycling of electronic waste.

More recently, Substation33 has started an Innovation Lab and has designed and developed a number of products for commercial, social and educational purposes. These included Flooded Road Smart Warning Signs, Electric ‘e-bikes’, 3D printers, a vertical garden monitoring system, to name just a few. These projects provide an opportunity for up-cycling and e-waste diversion from land-fill, which has environmental benefits, and skills development and transfer between professional mentors and volunteers, students and people seeking to return to the workforce, which provides social and economic benefits to the community.

As you may have heard in the video above Substation33 have recently been working on a highly impactful project creating jobs whilst also sorting bottles and cans with Containers for Change. Watch more on this initiative here