TechForGood Australia

TechForGood Australia

TechForGood is on a mission to address technology inequality in Australia. Our mission is TechForGood. We are unique because, like you, we are a social enterprise and a not-for-profit. We understand the technology challenges of this unique sector. TechForGood offers IT solutions that meet the needs and the budget of purpose led organisations.

We want to help you to focus on your MISSION not on IT. We will provide a free and in-person technology assessment and a personalised tech plan for your charity or social enterprise.

The current statistics regarding digital poverty and the digital divide are sobering. The gap is widening each day and needs to be addressed. It is our goal that every person, community, or cause in need has equitable access to technology. As a business we intend to close the gap by doing three things:

  • One – by focussing on cost saving and efficiency, we will support the social enterprise and philanthropic sectors to amplify their impact. How do we do this, you ask? By leveraging an extensive network of industry partnerships and connections, we can make the best technology options for your business available at the lowest price. When you buy your tech from us, you can expect to save an average of 22%; this often increases to more than 50%. During periods of growth, when investment is needed, this saving is significant. Every dollar we can help you save, is a dollar that can be redirected to amplifying your impact.
  • Two – we are working to create a technology standard that supports the purpose before profit business model. Once again – access to equitable technology comes into play. Charities receive a great deal of unsolicited technology support – this is often difficult to navigate and consume so we are helping other not-for-profits access subsidised technology. In addition to this it is our goal to create a standard to meet the needs of a growing social enterprise sector. A right sized, well planned technology plan is absolutely crucial to support scale and growth. Our second goal is to create impact by building a standard for industry support for the Social Enterprise sector.
  • Three – As a social enterprise we donate 50% of our profits to causes that address digital inequality in Australia – our direct giving model generates immediate and meaningful impact. We are one of few technology suppliers in Australia that is a social enterprise and charity.

I hope that by breaking a profit focussed mould in an industry that has a lot to answer for, other people in Australia will pick up the TechForGood banner in Australia.

TechForGood launched in December 2021 as a social enterprise and followed with charitable status in January 2022. We are scaling and growing steadily with momentum gathering at a terrific pace. We have developed a blueprint for standardised IT Services for the Social Enterprise sector in partnership with Tech For Social Impact partners – Microsoft, Google, HP and Dell. We are committed to building a technology standard that supports other social enterprises as they scale and in synch with the sector as it moves towards a nationally recognised and regulated industry (in a similar vein to charities).

We believe that there is a huge opportunity to collaborate with easy to understand, cost effective and scalable technology solutions. Our impact goals are well defined – we will give 50% of our profits to charitable initiatives to address digital inequality. Our plan is to generate $1 million dollars of donations within the next 5 years.