Vessel Nundah

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Vessel Nundah

Vessel Nundah is a zero waste skincare and cleaning product delivery service operating throughout the Brisbane City Council area. They help Brisbane residents reduce their single-use plastic waste by providing refillable household essentials. By providing locally made, people and planet-friendly products in pre-filled, returnable glass containers, they reduce waste at every part of their business.

From sourcing their products as locally as possible to reducing transport impacts, using upcycled juice bottles to package products, to collecting customers hard-to-recycle recyclables and send to TerraCycle. They even return their bulk containers back to the manufacturer to be reused.

We have saved over 25,000 x 500ml single-use plastic bottles from being produced, transported, and disposed of.  

Even more, they donate to Groundswell weekly to support grassroots climate action and are a revolutionary business truly embedding local supply actions in order to empower their community to live the changes they want to see in our economic system.

If they could inspire people to reduce waste in a new way, it would be to seek out what ‘waste’ in your community can be used as a resource!